Free Movers


When Universidad de San Andrés doesn’t have an exchange agreement with another university, its students can study at UdeSA as "free movers".

For more information please check our fact sheets:


Our program allows you to enroll directly in classes at the Universidad de San Andrés together with local students. All of the courses are taught in Spanish by full-time faculty. Students are allowed to register in any course provided they have sufficient academic background.

We recommend undergraduate students enroll in 3 or 4 courses per semester, 2 being the minimum and 4 courses the maximum. The normal load for graduate students is 3 courses per trimester plus 1 or 2 seminars.

For more information please check our fact sheets:


Academic Departments

You can get a sense of the university's academic departments and courses they offer by visiting their websites:

The catalog of courses includes a brief description, classroom contact hours, and a link to a recent syllabus as well as the semester in which the course is offered and year in degree when students take the course.


Spanish Language Courses

Two levels of Advanced Spanish language courses are offered as part of the regular curriculum during the semester. Students whose Spanish is above these levels may take “Escritura y Prácticas Discursivas Universitarias,” a course on academic writing skills designed for Spanish native speakers.

During February and July a fee based Intensive Spanish program is held for Spanish at the intermediate level. See below for more information. IMPORTANT: Students interested in July Intensive Spanish Program should submit app as early as possible (latest Mar. 15).


  • Semester 1: From early March to mid July
  • Semester 2: From early August to mid December

Application Deadlines:

  • Semester 1: October 15th
  • Semester 2: March 15th

Estimated Program costs per semester

  • Tuition: USD $8000
  • Housing (estimated cost per semester):
    • Homestay including breakfast & dinner every day (except dinner on Sat) - USD $4050
    • Room in Shared Apt (no meals included) ‐ USD $2000‐$3200
  • Local Health Insurance (mandatory)‐ approximately USD $330
  • Public Transportation ‐ USD $200
  • Books and Supplies ‐ USD $150
  • Visa Expenses ‐ USD $200
  • Personal Expenses (lunches, laundry, cell phone, entertainment) ‐ USD $1200-$2500

Please note, Argentina’s inflation rate is currently approximately 55% per year. Estimates current as of September 2019. Spending will vary by student personal habits.

For more information on typical expenses please check our Fact Sheets:

Additional Estimated Expenses

  • Round-trip airfare: USD $1,000-1,600 Varies with point of departure and carrier
  • Meals: USD $700-900 Excluding those in meal plan

* All amounts expressed in US dollars. All expenses, with the exception of tuition, may vary due to individual needs, spending habits and exchange rates.


Undergraduate classes are taught in our Campus in Victoria, San Fernando. The Campus in Victoria is well equipped with a library, computer labs, study rooms, dining hall, green spaces, soccer fields, dormitories, locker room, student counseling center and student lounge.

Posgraduate courses are taught are taught at our San Andrés downtown facility in Buenos Aires, conveniently located just blocks from the historic Plaza de Mayo



Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, students attend an orientation session which covers topics related to health and safety, transportation, communications and cultural adaptation. They will also take a Spanish evaluation to place them in one of the Spanish Language courses.

Health Insurance

The purchase of a local health insurance policy is required. Students may petition to waive this requirement if their international policy meets minimum requirements. After letter of acceptance is emitted, petitions will not be accepted. Estimated cost for a local policy is USD $70 per month / $330 per semester. Once admitted, UdeSA will send contact info for local policy which meets requirements including repatriation benefit and complete coverage at hospitals with international standards.


Sample List of Fields Trips and Activities

Throughout the Semester, students will be able to enjoy a quite diverse range of extracurricular activities under the guidance of our Student Coordinator and with the active participation of our local students.

  • Social and Volunteer activities: San Andrés offers extracurricular activities including an art workshop, choir, student magazine, and music groups. The university has many student organizations which international students are welcome to join.
  • Cultural Activities: Students can sign up during orientation to participate in a package of cultural activities including city tour, trip to the Delta, graffiti tour, tango activity, etc. These activities have an additional cost for exchange students.
  • Sports Program: San Andrés has a wide range of options for practicing sports. There are teams for football, running, basketball, grass hockey, swimming, archery , volleyball and students are invited to train with and join these teams.


Students are provided housing options in the safest, most desirable and conveniently located neighborhoods within the city of Buenos Aires. They may elect to live close to campus in the beautiful neighborhoods north of the city along the Rio de la Plata. There are many affordable transportation options to get around and to arrive at campus.

San Andrés staff assist with housing arrangements for students based on student preference for one of the following options:


Many students opt to stay with carefully selected local families in order to immerse themselves in Argentine culture. This option includes breakfast and dinner every day except dinner on Saturdays.


San Andrés provides resources and recommendations for students to find a rented, furnished apartment, usually shared with a roommate.

Residence Hall

San Andrés has a limited number of newly constructed dormitories on campus.

SABE: San Andrés Building Excellence

The “SABE: San Andrés Building Excellence” scholarship, provides partial and complete tuition scholarships awarded to participants in the Program in Latin American Studies based on both merit and need. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is March 15th for the Aug-Dec Semester or Oct 15th for the Mar-July semester.

To apply for a SABE scholarship click here.

Visa Requirements

International students studying in Argentina for longer than 90 days must acquire a Student/Resident VISA for their exchange period. Students should apply through the nearest Argentine consulate as soon as they have received their letter of acceptance as the visa process may take up to three months. Those accepted to UdeSA with less than a three month margin should contact the Office of International Programs for further instructions.

More information about the visa process can be found at:

Please note, students who will stay for longer than six months in Argentina, will be asked to provide a apostilled certificate of good conduct (criminal background check) of the countries in which they have resided for more than one year during the previous three years.

Visa Requirements

Students who study at UdeSA for a semester will generally enter the country as a tourist and then apply for a resident/student visa with the help of the International Programs Offices. Most students coming from partner institutions do not need to apply for a tourist visa. However, please check with the closest Argentine embassy for more information as certain nationalities must have a visa – At the international student orientation, students will begin the process to obtain a resident/student visa.

Reciprocity Fees for Certain Countries

Passport holders from the Australia and Canada are required to pay a reciprocity fee to enter Argentina (varies $100 -$160 USD). This must be paid prior to departure and a printed receipt must be presented when going through Immigration. Please see more information at and click on SIGNUP. The reciprocity fee for US passport holders was suspended in Mar 2016, however US citizens should check the latest information prior to departure for Argentina.

General Requirements

  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Be in good standing at your Home College or University.
  • At least second year status at home university when program begins.
  • A minimum of four semesters of college-level Spanish or the equivalent.
  • Prior coursework related to intended studies at the Universidad de San Andrés.
  • Be nominated by Home University.

Application Package